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GD580 Dialpad
PRICE: USD20.00--25.00

High quality voice communication with noise cancellation;
Comfortable and durable headset;
FSK/DTMF caller ID display, automatic checking.


Feature list:
*High quality voice communication with noise cancellation;
*Comfortable and durable headset;
*Special design of noise proof for turn on or off, avoid the damage from the turn
on or off noise, comfortable wear long time;
*Turn on by auto/hand for incoming call; special design of turn on when second ringing,
ensure the right receiving call number under auto status;
*FSK/DTMF caller ID display, automatic checking;
*30 Groups 16 digits incoming number memories;
*5 Groups 16 digits outgoing number memories;
*2 digits PABX code setup;
*32 digits pre-dial and edit;
*Backlit in-use indication, Backlit blinks when ringing;
with LED indication;
*Microphone mute function with LED indication;
*Music on hold function, can mute the microphone then send the music;
*Headset speaker volume control by knob;
*Ringer volume hi-low-off adjustable, when off can change to ring on headset;
*Flash time 100ms or 600ms choice to meet the different PABX machines;
*Provide the double headset port, microphone can change for training;
*Provide the voice recorder port, can connect to the PC to record;
*Power save function;
*Provide GD580 headset.